Just a gentle reminder that while we are all frustrated with some players right now (and some more than others), we want to nip a perennial problem in the bud...

The relentless verbal bludgeoning of players in all threads cannot happen. We have a Nash thread and an MSL thread, and we understand that GDTs are streams of verbal diarrhea consciousness.

However, we will have to address anyone who continues to pointlessly bash the same player in every thread, or in the same thread. If you've already said "Nash sucks" and "Nash blows", think twice before your third successive post is "Fuck Nash".

Of course actual critique of why you think a player sucks, statistics, and analysis of play is always welcome. Rants of mind-numbing bashing is not. As always, the staff will use their discretion and decide as a group who the offenders are, and speak with them.

While it hasn't been bad, yet, we want to get out in front of the potential issue.

The goal is to make the board as pleasant for everyone as possible. If you feel the need to incessantly bash certain players, or the team, we suggest you use social media for that. It adds nothing to the forum.


BSBH Staff