Hey Guys We've been really lenient with sourcing via twitter (for example, we've been letting posts go that say "According to beat writers on twitter", rather than enforcing the rule which is to post the actual tweet) and such.

But when posting new threads for new topics and it's based off an article, we really need to have links and quotes from the article in the OP, and a proper thread title. This helps keep the board neat and organized.

Most of you have been here long enough to see how the staff opens threads, and that should be the template. It's really not fair to the staff to have to go in and re-post and edit thread titles all the time. And it's happening rather frequently. We know a lot of you post from phones, but so do a lot of the staff, so please help us out a little bit here.

Thanks in advance.

The Staff.


Preferred Thread Format

Rangers Have Interest in [RW] Blah Blah

According to BSBH, the Rangers would like to sign college drop out Blah Blah. The 6-4, 290 pound right wing can't skate or play a lick of hockey, yet hits opponents with reckless abandon, likely making him a Garden Faithful favorite.


Would be a heck of a signing for us!