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Thread: FanDuel/Draft Kings thread

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    I've been playing all football season, only lost twice. Typically I just do 1 per week (only $5), unless a friend challenges me, which I'm 12-0 all time vs friends so they stoped challengeing me. I don't go for the crazy, unrealistic contests. I do the 50/50's. All you have to do is beat half of the players in that contest, which is honestly really easy, as long as you know a decent ammount about that sport. I've had a lot of success on football, and did fairly well in baseball. Hockey, at least for me, is just impossible, the few times I tried I came in dead last.

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    I go hot and cold with hockey. I can go a few days hitting money in everything and then go a few days losing everything.

    For me, NFL contests are just kind of a shot in the dark. I know a bit, I play regular fantasy football and I can do some research but really I tend to just enter a $2 tournament every week and if I get lucky I take down a big prize. Obviously hasn't happened, although a friend of mine did hit $20k on one tournament.\

    For hockey I typically stick to double ups but might switch that to 50/50s. Typically I enter a couple of those and then throw a dollar on a tournament just in case I put up a huge night. Feels like every time I forget to enter my lineup in a tournament and just do double ups I wind up putting up huge numbers lol.

    Not doing any 50/50s or anything tonight though. FanDuel occasionally has a much bigger NHL pool with bigger prizes so I'm going for that tonight with 3 different lineups.

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