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Thread: Player of the Game Tweak to Determine Featured Players (Wallpaper)!

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    Player of the Game Tweak to Determine Featured Players (Wallpaper)!

    The tweak to the Player of the Game threads is small — they're simply changing in name to Star of the Game (SOTG), and we are limiting the number of options this year from ten to five, with the fifth option still being left as a write-in "Other" vote.

    In addition to this, the SOTG threads will also have more power and purpose this year. Starting for November, at the end of each previous month, a poll thread will go up for Star of the Month (SOTM), where everyone will vote on the Rangers' most valuable/productive/whatever player from that month. The winner of this poll will then be featured on the following months' wallpaper design, which is being re-designed this year for a fresh new look. Every SOTM poll will go live two days before the end of the month (regardless of schedule) and be live for 24 hours, giving me the final day of that month to finalize the updated schedule with the newly featured player. If the schedule in any month allows for it (meaning games end before the actual end of the month), this can occur earlier than the final two days. Each new months' calendar will then go live for the first day, or just prior, of their respective months.

    I know there are a few times during the year where the Rangers will basically be playing right up to the end of the month, so in any of those cases, those games would simply be forfeited (for the purposes of that months' vote). It's highly unlikely a single game (or two) at the end of any given month is going to tip the scales in favor of any one player or another since the entire months' worth of work of the winning player needs to be accounted for in the voting.

    Additionally, during the playoffs, a Star of the Series (SOTS) thread will be raised at the completion of each successful round the Rangers win to determine the featured player for the following series!

    As I mentioned, the October wallpaper has already been designed and go live the first week of October.


    As always, any questions/comments can be posted in-thread.
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    awesome feature!

    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Rome 2.0 again.

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