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  1. Yuengling would be my go to for an everyday kind of thing. I told them to go towards a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, a Rogue Dead Guy Ale or a Stone Levitation. The last two might be a little much for these kids, but they're damn good beers. We also seldom have Magic Hat #9 on tap around here.
  2. The only thing I like about Heineken is how familiar the taste is. It's a little bland, not very good, but wherever in the world you are, a Heineken is a Heineken and if you know nothing on the menu, than at least Heineken tastes like home. Beyond that, there are so many better American (micro-)breweries nowadays and I'd even say a Yuengling, Molson or Sam Adams is better than Heineken any day of the week.
  3. Hah thanks, Jules. They were calling me misguided. I told them to pick up a variety of better beers. I'm no expert, but I know a thing or two about smaller, albeit still incredibly popular, breweries that have beer available in our area.
  4. People who call Heineken a good beer are misguided, but I have to admit that Heineken's brewer tour and beer experience in downtown Amsterdam is among the best tourist attractions and bars you could ever experience anywhere. What the beer lacks in taste, they make up for in marketing and entertainment. I'll give 'em that.
  5. Someone tried to tell me that Heineken is a good beer, then told me to go to Amsterdam with him and try it there...As the resident overseas expert, please help me confirm how dumb he's being
  6. Hey, my textbooks came up empty for those names and towns and the only article I found in the digital database from my university doesn't answer your question at all. All I know is that both towns are nearby each other, but that Vezelay is a town for pilgrimage on a hill and it was besieged.

    Good luck!
  7. Hey Jules. I know that you're into history and I was wondering if you could help me out with something that I'm studying. I couldn't find anything in my textbook citing the relationship between the Bishop of Autun and the Abbot of Vezelay, both in France, yet it is one of the test prep questions. This took place in the early-12th century. Do you have any insight? I tried google but to no avail.
  8. Next two are yours, Jules!
  9. Can you give me some advice for the draft?
  10. Hey Jules the next two are yours!
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