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  1. Did you see my last posts in the Bundesliga-Thread?
  2. "Fun" fact for the only person that might be interested (couldn't find a place to put it outisede here ).

    You propably heard of the NSU trials here in Germany? (Those Neo-Nazi killers)
    Their lawyers are named Sturm, Stahl and Heer. I really wonder how you find such suspiciously fitting named lawyers. lol
  3. grah now he went sleeping but stream stops every few seconds.

    All those bad omens, that's just like game 3
  4. can't, now my dad joined to watch
  5. The stream is back. Switch while we lead!
  6. Yeah, I was informed of that a while ago. For some time they thought there could've been a buyer, but it didn't work out.
  7. Just read: They are pulling the plug on ESPN America.
    Will stop broadcasting on 30th of June.
  8. As a future American you're maybe not interested in this campaign, I post it anyway:
  9. Didn't know Dunsel called it quits on the WBB. Still sad, though I wasn't over there much these days.
  10. Totally, haven't seen London yet, so that would be two birds with one stone.
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