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  1. Cool I'll try to read it this week.

    so it turns out I thought it was due a day later than it was, so when I saw my professor he was like, "you have untill 2:30 to finish this. Banged out the last 10 pages or so in about 2 hours. Bullshitting success.
  3. There comes a time where we all have to turn into bullshit artists. Now is your time to shine. Good luck!
  4. lol its all good, and sure no problem. I'm basically stuck right now. Im 11 pages in, and Im almost out of stuff to talk about. I gotta hope I can stretch the fact that he died a couple months later in to 9 pages or else im screwed lol
  5. Unfortunately, that's not in my area of study. I am taking a WWII class next fall so perhaps I would have been able to help you then LOL. Very sorry, but please send me a copy any way. I would like to read it.
  6. hey, i know your also a bit of a history buff. I was hoping I could run someting by you and get your opinion.

    Im writing a 20 page paper on the Yalta Conference of 1945. Im trying to defend Roosevelt and say that there is no way he could have known, or was not to trust Stalin, or was just not in a position to be so strong against him. I mean 20 million russians did die in wwii, I think Stalin kinda had the right to make some demands lol

    anyway I was wondering if you knew of any books/authors who felt he f'd up when it came to the whole situation of Poland.

    Thanks in advnace, and I'll be happy to send you a copy when I'm done if your interested.
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