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  1. Ohhhh, that's no fun! lol Hang in there! I'll have a wee nip for ya!
  2. Gave up the hard stuff for Lent. And that means whiskey, too. Eek! (can't pretend it's a wee dram, or the hair of the dog, or a little Irish mist) This is harder than I thought.
  3. Thanks luv! Yep, whiskey's my vice, too!

    Merry Christmas!
  4. Cheers, glad you're around, this place needs more of a woman's touch. I've been adding to the Whiskey collection — Michter's Straight Rye —* but I gotta watch my carb calories in!
  5. Whiskey is the nectar of the Gods!
  6. Cheers!

    I have some good whiskey in my collection, too!

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