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  1. Bingo!
  2. Big contracts brings big expectations. It's just the nature of the business. Fans will always find someone to rag on. He's got a bullseye on him because of all the hype that came with his signing. He's not playing great hockey but it's obvious he's contributed in other vital areas. New team, new location. Expecting a world class performance from the guy already is unfair. My opinion isn't going to change just because we have some disgruntled fans. He's been clutch numerous times (especially during the Winter classic) which to me, is just a fraction of what this guy brings to the table.
  3. people give my guy such a hard time. I was thrilled when Richards signed, I loved when we played Tampa because I loved to see him play. The 03-04 playoffs were one of the most exciting I have ever seen as a fan.
  4. you deleted your post, ru still in?
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