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  1. this is clunky. FB Message me.
  2. They should make a fucking system that connects Brooklyn to NY... maybe like a trolley over the Verrazano? Fucking toll is going to go up so much more every year. WHen the hell is it going to stop
  3. it does, we're poorly connected to the city in almost any non-car way.
  4. I figured. Fuck SI lmao. I have to travel legit 25 minutes every day on the weekend just to get to Brooklyn. Kinda sucks on gas and tolls.
  5. sometime between now and 2020? Its been under construction for what seems like forever.
  6. The night one is really what I am worried about but until 7pm is not that bad. I wonder when that construction will be done. Do they have an estimated completion date for that? Or is that a crapshoot too?
  7. Always to fucking all the time. It's a complete crapshoot - the whole thing is under construction.

    I'd say its consistently bad from ~7AM-->10AM going into BK and from 3PM-->7PM both ways.
  8. Hey Rhom,

    What are the medium to heavy traffic times on the SI expressway? Curious to know, because I think I'm moving real soon. Looks like it became more of a reality today.
  9. I guess so, but wouldn't I rather run over walking to lose more weight/body fat?
  10. just walk it at 3.0 if you have to. it really beats me down.
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