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  1. Propably is, I will shut down the comp for night in a few minutes anyway. Just wanted to ask.
  2. No, none, sorry. Have you tried restarting? It could just be a local issue with your connection.
  3. Do you experience some troubles with the board right now? It doesn't stop reloading for me and sometimes pages don't build up properly. Have no troubles with other pages or boards, just this.
  4. We don't keep it on 24/7, 365. Only during bigger events and breaking news.
  5. It has been implemented for months? Why did I start noticing it only yesterday?
  6. Don't have the stats off-hand, but the limited guest viewing system has definitely returned us at least half a dozen registrants over the last couple months. Pretty good numbers considering we're in a lockout.
  7. Dunno, many new guys registred yet?
  8. Bad... or smart?
  9. You make me log in everytime I want to read here, when I am bored at work.
    You're a bad guy.
  10. Yup. It'll still happen. Just can't afford the up front costs for everything right now.
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