View Full Version : Rumor/Report: Friedman Talks Coyotes, Auston Matthews Possibilities

Phil in Absentia
03-30-2016, 08:16 PM
Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman thinks the Arizona Coyotes should take a run at prospect Auston Matthews even if they don’t win the NHL draft lottery.

Speaking on Sportsnet 590 The Fan’s Jeff Blair Show Wednesday, Friedman talked about the impact that Matthews would have on the Coyotes organization.

“I think the Coyotes, I’m sure, that if they don’t win the lottery, they will call the team that wins and say what can we do here,” said Friedman.

“I don’t think they would do Ekman-Larsson, but if I was running the Coyotes, I might do anything else.”

“I think you could make that argument that he is more valuable there than anywhere else,” said Friedman. “Don’t forget also, they’re trying to get a new arena built out there, whether it’s at Arizona State, whether it’s part of the native lands on the casino, whether it’s downtown Phoenix, they’re trying to get something done. They have to stabilize their future.

“You can joke about who’s built what arenas. The United Center, the house that Michael Jordan built, the Flyers rink, the house that Eric Lindros built. There’s no question that if you went into Arizona and got him there, it would be the house that Auston Matthews built.”


03-31-2016, 12:10 PM
It would be nice to see the Yotes win the thing. They took their screwing last year like men, and with class. Plus I like Donnie and it keeps the pick out of our conference. Many will freak if Edm wins, so this avoids that drama and incessant whining that would inevitably follow.

This is a nice draft though. The two Finns look good, but the guy I'd love in blue is Matt Tkachuk of the London Knights, who many think will be the fourth player chosen.

I haven't been one to want to trade Nash, but with 2 years left we could get significant value this offseason. Mostly, the Rangers are going to need a 2nd pairing RH dman for now and into the future. Buff is ready to add a goal scoring vet leader and they are loaded with RHDmen. Like Reinhart (stop dreaming they are not trading him) there is no way they move Risto. Pysyk is cost-controlled.

Yet, Zach Bogosian might work beautifully and is a perfect target for the Rangers. His 5.25 mil comes back our way and offsets a bit of Nash's 7.8. Bogosian could play on our top pair and PP. Great shot, very very tough and underrated as a defender. We'd have a tough RH Dman on the ice the entire game. As a side benefit... Glass should no longer be needed and should be replaced by a good forechecker with size along the boards, but more skill.

Though Bogosian would solve many issues on our D, Nash may be worth more. If Buff ends up with the fourth or fifth pick, I'd love an expanded trade. How about, Nash, Hayes, our 3rd rounder and G for Zach and their first rounder. They would probably prefer Staal, which would still be fair for us since we could sign Yandle. But unlike G, I doubt Staal would waive for Buff.

03-31-2016, 03:48 PM
There are lots of trade Nash scenarios. None of them, especially this one, give any inclination on how we're going to field a top 6 next year, unless everyone is just assuming that Buch is just going to step right into that role. If we trade Nash, there has to be at least one forward coming back. Otherwise, we'll have trouble putting together 2 scoring lines. In this scenario, we're looking at:

Miller - Step - Kreid
Zucc - Brass - Buch
Fast - Lindberg - Stalberg (FA)
Glass - Moore (FA) - Fogarty?

That's not a playoff lineup.

03-31-2016, 06:55 PM
Even if they don't win the lottery, they should make a big push to pick him. He could redefine their franchise.