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Phil in Absentia
03-24-2016, 01:01 PM
As part of a larger discussion on the Ottawa Senators, and Eugene Melynk’s headline-making comments on Tuesday:

“A lot of people were thrown under the bus. I don’t think that Bryan Murray, the veteran general manager, is in any danger or jeopardy of losing his job. Given his battle with cancer and his history in the game, Bryan Murray is going to leave the GM’s post of the Ottawa Senators when he wants to.

“Dave Cameron – completely different story. I’ve got to tell you guys, when I left the Canadian Tire Centre last night, I had a pretty good sense that Dave Cameron was not going to be back as head coach of the Ottawa Senators next year. There’s a lot of reasoning behind that, and Eugene Melnyk announced some of it yesterday, but it’s a tough spot for Dave Cameron. He’s done good work there and he’s managed through some tough times. But again, by the sounds of things in Ottawa, it is more than likely there’ll be a coaching change for next season.”

“As far as Luke Richardson is concerned, I think that about a year or so ago it seemed like he was destined to be an NHL head coach. And that might still apply. I’m not trying to diminish the opportunity here for Richardson, but I think that Ottawa feels now that they’ve got to go back to an experienced coach, or go to an experienced coach.

“Dave Cameron ascended to the throne after they dismissed Paul MacLean, and now they’re maybe thinking that they should have looked for a more experienced NHL head coach. So I doubt Richardson gets the chance. But aside from having an up and down year in Binghamton, prior to this season, he was highly regarded.”



In case you missed Melynk’s "headline-making comments", they were as follows:

Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk put his organization on notice, saying that “nobody is safe” and noting that changes need to happen in order for the team to make the playoffs next season.

“I’m looking at all of it, right across the board, nobody is safe when you have a year like we just did,” Melnyk said. “The status quo would just get us there again next year and this team cannot survive not making the playoffs. We have to do it by guts, we have to do it by hard work and we can get there and that’s what we need to do. Nothing more. You can’t just throw money at things. We know teams that have thrown money at things for decades and they’ve gotten nowhere. We need to do it a different way and I think we are.”

“I think the same answer I had back in December. It’s ‘day-to-day’ we’re grooming people, we’re looking. I think after the season is done they just – Right now I leave it to Bryan,” Melnyk said. “If he wants to – we’re about go to through the next 14 months of some really tough decisions in hockey that can change the whole complexion of a lot of teams.”

He also noted that the Senators lost some games in December through “inconsistency and stupidity.”

When asked about Cameron specifically and if he’s under a “microscope” Melnyk said, “I think every single aspect of the team is under the microscope.”



I think it's safe to presume that Cameron is a dead man walking. Clearly. But I wonder how much Melnyk is willing to take a scalpal to the actual roster?

03-24-2016, 01:10 PM
I think it's safe to presume that Cameron is a dead man walking. Clearly. But I wonder how much Melnyk is willing to take a scalpal to the actual roster?
I'd trade Ryan for a defenseman, but, other than that, they have a pretty young roster. They need some time to mature I think, much like what is happening in Florida. Their entire forward group is 28 or under, except for Neil. Methot and Phaneuf are only 30.

03-24-2016, 01:17 PM
Cameron is a really really good coach. That whole Org. has been through a lot between Murray and Mark Reeds.