View Full Version : [Brooks] Why the NHL's 'Make it right' Replay Rule Could be in Jeopardy

Phil in Absentia
03-08-2016, 11:11 AM
Slap Shots has learned the Columbus organization won’t be the only one to vote nay on the proposition. There will be others. And though it is impossible to project whether the opposition will form a majority opinion, there is no doubt there is widespread unease with the current system, which merely substitutes one subjective opinion for another.

One man’s “getting it right” is another man’s “still getting it wrong.” This isn’t tennis, where the ball is either in or out and can be proven as such on a player’s challenge.

The imperfection of the NHL’s video review and coach’s challenge systems isn’t due to the size of the screen or the HD intensity of the screens/tablets used to make the calls. These calls are all subjective. Replacing one subjective opinion for another doesn’t equate to getting it right.



This kind of speaks to what Jeff Marek spoke about on MvsW months ago, I believe before the season even began when he predicted that the issue with review is that ultimately someone has to make the call. That you can't have a collective group trying to determine this, becuase everyone will have a different opinion of what is or isn't interference. From what I can remember off the top of my head, his idea was that if you are going to stick with reviews, you need to give a job to someone in Toronto who's job it is, solely, to rule on every single one of these challenges. It needs to be taken away from the refs, who made the call on the ice initially (and thus can't be excused from the bias of not wanting to be wrong) and given to one guy in the War Room who lives and breathes this job.

Otherwise, get rid of the rule entirely because it's impossible to legislate consistently.

03-08-2016, 11:21 AM
What about offside and if the puck was in?