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01-13-2016, 03:33 PM

Each game provides fresh fodder for the program's decline, says one NHL scout. A disregard for fundamentals. Players giving up on their man in the defensive zone. An aversion to battling in front of the net. The habit of coasting to victories. Or, worse, losing to the less talented but hungrier.

"They run around all over with no discipline," says Gopher alum Kevin Hartzell. "They don't do the little things that are the most important. Getting traffic inside the dots. Winning puck battles along the boards. Never getting beat up the ice so you don't give up odd-man rushes. What we've seen this program become is a glorified high school team."

Interesting read and decent mention of Brady in it. It alludes to the idea that despite high ranked prospects Lucia is failing in developing the players in the right way. (read Bjugstad)

would love to see some of you guys like Puck Head's take on this program.

Brooks pointing Parise to go to N. Dakota... ouch.

Puck Head
01-13-2016, 04:50 PM
I played for Lucia.
He got rid of me (he was justified).

It's been 27 years since then, have seen him at some USA hockey functions since.

Hard to tell, what we were doing in 88-89 would seem archaic to how the game is played now. I really can't say much in regards to this.

I do know he's nuts on in regards to seeing the big picture with youth players and dealing with parents. He has that part nailed