View Full Version : Star of the Game: [RS] (#02) 10/11/14 Rangers @ Columbus Blue Jackets 5-2 L

Phil in Absentia
10-11-2014, 10:45 PM
What you are voting on:

The New York Rangers' star of the game. That is to say the player on the ice following the game who stood out the most during it, put forth the best effort during it, was the most integral to the teams success in an overall sense or perhaps simply all of the above.

Please remember here, you're voting the star of the game, not necessarily the play of the game. A guy scoring a goal with 0:30 left in the game who didn't do anything else all night really doesn't deserve to win over a guy who may not have scored but worked all 60:00 effectively.

While no one can force you to vote for someone you don't want to, we do ask that you vote objectively in these threads as the results are taken somewhat seriously.

Who You CAN Vote For:

New York Rangers' players who played* in the game

Who You CANNOT Vote For:

Scratched/injured players
Opposing players
Former players
On-ice or off-ice officials
Coaching staffs
Fans of either team
No one (as an actual vote if you wish to abstain from voting, simply abstain from voting.)

*Enver Lisin Rule: A player who is dressed for the game, but registered 0:00 of actual ice-time is not eligible to be voted for. A player must have been on the ice for at least 0:01 in order to be eligible.



01. Rick Nash (10/9/2013 @ St. Louis Blues 3-2 W)

10-11-2014, 10:48 PM
voted stemp.
but really wanted to vote for bobrovsky. lol

10-11-2014, 11:06 PM
Stemps, though Duclair gets a nod, as does Kreider for sticking up for his teammate.

Cash or Czech?
10-12-2014, 11:35 AM
Stempniak for sure. HM to Duclair.