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10-07-2014, 02:35 PM
:tweet:John Rosasco: Alain Vigneault joins Mike Francesa today at 3:05 on @WFAN660 #NYR

10-07-2014, 07:47 PM
run of the mill interview.

not verbatim but main points:

mike heard that the la guys were gassed and if they didnt close it out in game 5 they didnt think they had much in the tank.

AV agreed saying he heard the same. said NY had glorious opportunities to win game 5 and if they did he was sure they would be back for game 7 in LA.

Mike asked who they would miss the most and AV replied Brad though he did admit Brad got tired towards the end and they didnt use him as much.

said we'll miss Boyle and Strals as well.

things shifted to the kids:
Hayes banged up with shoulder but day to day and should practice tomorrow.

spoke about the Duke, mike said it was a great name and ny had a duke 50 years ago who played for the Dodgers.

AV said he has a really good skillset and that him miller and hayes have tremendous room to grow. Reiterated that he told Duke he'll play in the top 9 if he can hack it. has him with JT and Stepniak and Stepniak is good with young players (same thing he said in last presser)

Said that down the middle is where they need to address and trying with youth. said Steps and Brassard need to Step up their game. Also stated that was the one area LA had the nod in the finals.

Good team with a good work ethic and are excited to try to repeat.

Said Hank gets around 60 games and Cam 20-25 or so.

Forgot if he said anything about Mac and the Captaincy.

Said he like's NY but hates the traffic.

10-07-2014, 07:50 PM
I'm sure we were all tired as much as Los Angeles was. That being said, I don't think the Rangers would have lost a Game 6 at MSG.