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Ranger Lothbrok
09-09-2014, 09:23 PM
Friend sent me this article today. We've been down this road a billion times before, so this is not intended to be another Slats bash-fest. Rather, it's a funny and interesting take on things that I figured was worth posting.

Anyway, since the potato is a non-sentient starch product incapable of progressive thinking, there are set rules for said potato. The potato does not have access to game video, analytics, has never seen a game, and has never spoken to a scout, ever. After all, it’s a potato (or the Isles front office from 1995-2001, either one). It will draft following this set of rules (1-6 are the same rules followed at Canucks Army):

1. All players selected will be from the Canadian Hockey League.
2. Goalies are voodoo, they will not be selected at any time.
3. Defensemen are voodoo, they will not be selected at any time.
4. The selection will be the player still on the draft board that scored the most points in their 17 year old CHL season that was legitimately taken between New York’s selection and New York’s subsequent selection.
5. No other information other than the total number of points a player had in his 17-year old season (his first year of draft eligibility) is considered. This information was freely available at the time each draft was held.
6. Ties are broken on the basis of points per game.
7. There were some rare cases where I had to make the selection process (#4) inclusive of the next pick made by Slats. I did this because there were no CHL players selected, and the “potato exploded” joke got old fast.

Over 15 drafts, the potato managed to draft these lines:


Oh, and he has guys like Henrique, Richardson, Thompson, Talbot, and Stajan for depth. The potato should get a job with an organization. He may be a starchy non-sentient being rich in potassium and great with butter and bacon, but he’s a damn fine drafter.

There are full breakdowns of each draft if you click on the link. Some of the write-ups I found genuinely hilarious. It's a light-hearted take on things in a time where there isn't much to talk about. Anyway, enjoy.

09-09-2014, 09:38 PM
I get that it's funny, but you can't act like the potato was actually more successful. Where is it getting defenseman and goalies? You might as well call it the GM of the Oilers.